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Anna means whatever you say or you desire and varam means boon, hence whatever you desire will be given as boon by the deity.

Ratnagiri rupaya Ramasatyadevaya Mahashakthi yantraya Bakthakalpavrukshaya

About Temple

he most distinctive feature of Annavaram is the shrine to Lord Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Swamy on the hill top. The name of the Goddess is Ananta-lakshmi Satyavathi Ammavaru.

National Highway (NH)-5 pass via Annavaram. The Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) operates regular bus services from Kakinada to Tuni, Rajahmundry to Tuni, and Yele-swaram to Tuni via Annavaram. Important trains links of the South Central Railways (SCR) passing through are the Vijayawada-Vishakapatnam Ratnachal superfast express, the Chennai-Howrah Mail, Kolkata-Chennai halt at Annavaram, which is the nearest railway station about 2 miles from the temple. The temple, situated on the hill top is about four furlongs away from its base. It can be reached either by steps covered with canopy, via ghat road or trekked through a rusty stone paved trail road.

The popularity and importance of the temple is gaining among the pilgrims and this place is considered as second only to Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh. Festivals are celebrated round the year at this temple with great pomp and show. Some of the popular festivals celebrated are the Kalyanam festival in May, Devi Navaratri festival in September, the Swayamvara Vardhanti of Sraavana Suddha Ekadashi Day, Srirama Kalyana, Kanakadurga Yatra, Prabha Utsavam, Teppa Utsavam and Jalatoranam.

The serene atmosphere of the temple and its surroundings captivate devotees of Lord Veera Venkata Satya-narayana Swamy. The prasadam offered to the devotees has a wonderful taste that cannot be replicated.


According to the puranas, the presiding deity of the place blesses the devotees with Anina Varam (Wanted Boon) the place is called Annavaram.

The hillock by the side of the village is considered to be very sacred. Meruvu the Lord of the hills and his consort Menaka did great penance and begot two sons by the grace of Lord Vishnu. One was named Bhadra and the other Ratnakara. Bhadra pleased Lord Vishnu with his devotion and penance and with his grace became Bhadrachalam on which Lord Sri Rama had permanently settled. Ratnakara desired to emulate his brother and succeeded in pleasing Lord Vishnu by his penance to settle on him as Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Swamy, Ratnakara remaining as Ratnagiri hill.

The temple of Sri Veera Venkata Satya-narayana Swamy is the main temple on the Ratnagiri hill. There is also a temple of Sri Rama and the shrines of Vanadurga and Kanaka Durga nearby. The temple of grama-devatha (village deity) is in the village at the foot of the hill.

It is said that Raja I.V. Rama-narayanam, the then zamindar of Gorsa and Kirlampudi estates, having been ordained by the Lord in his dream, traced the idol on the hill, worshipped it and installed it at the present spot on sravana suddha vidhiya of the telugu year Khara, 1891.

The Vishwakarma Brahmin stapathis architectural cognizance is at its best in sculpting this temple. The hillock itself is about 300 ft above sea level, green fields all-round the hills and the pampa river encircling Ratnagiri. About 460 well laid stone steps leads to the top of it.

The main temple constructed in the form of a chariot with the four wheels at each of the four corners. In front of the main temple is the kalyana mantapa, constructed and decorated with modern pieces of architecture. As we go down the way, we come across Ramalaya and then the shrines of Vana Durga and Kanaka Durga.

The Akriti of any temple is, according to the Agni Purana, merely a manifestation of the Prakriti. According to this the chariot of the temple is intended as a symbol of the Seven Lokas and the seven Lokhas above with, the garbhalaya of the Lord, at the heart’s center ruling over the entire Universe.

The temple at Annavaram has been constructed to depict this idea concretely. The front side of the temple depicts the chariot. The Meru on the floor with the pillar at the center, and the idols at the top are intended to bring forth the idea that the Lord not only remains at the heart’s center but also permeates the entire universe. The wheels depicting the Sun and the Moon serve to remind us that this Juggernaut moves on the wheels of time, and goes on for ever and ever, Thus the Annavaram temple satisfies both the ritualistic values and the spiritual aspirations of the devotees.”

And Location

Annavaram temple of Lord Sri Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Swamy is located at a distance of 125 KM from Visakhapatnam, 40 KM from Kakinada and 80 KM from Rajahmundry. National Highway number 5 passes through Annavaram. The bypass road (NH – 5) goes straight and to visit the temple take right turn in the junction near the Annavaram. It takes two and half hours from Visakhapatnam and from Rajahmundry side it will take 2 hours. Separate pooja halls are available for offering special pujas.

Annavaram railway station is located at main Chennai – Howrah (Kolkatta ) railway line. Many trains stops here and from the railway station the temple is 3 KM. While going towards Chennai side this temple falls in right side and can be seen from the moving trains. Railway station and moving trains are visible from the temple also.

There are so many parking places for private vehicles on the hill surrounding the temple. Well equipped lodge facilities available. Free darshanam is with normal que and special darshanam with additional fees of either INR 25/- or INR 116/- are also available.

Prasadam counter is available on the national highway for those who are not able to visit the temple. This temple is located at a hill top. Vehicles are allowed to climb up the hill. At the top of the hill guest houses for staying are available. Many marriages are preformed here so during this seasons you may have to book in advance if you a plan to stay here. There is a facility of quick Darshan in busy seasons. The main status is covered in two floors. The ground floor is for Pada darshan or to view the feet of the god. The first floor is the upper part of the Lord Venkata Satyanarayana Swamy.

From this hill top you can get a panoramic view of the surrounding green fields and villages. There is a river water barrage with boating facility and it can be visited while going up or while returning from the temple, available nearer to the main entrance of the hill. This place is called Pampa Sarovara. Boat ride gives a memorable experience to the visitors. Inside the main temple complex photography is not allowed. However, around the temple there are so much of panoramic view available for viewing and enjoying the nature’s beauty. From Anavaram Vizag 125 KM Kakinada 40 KM Rajahmundry 80 KM Some more places near Annavaram having importance of tourism include Samalkot, Thalupulamma Thalli and Draksharama. Travellers interested in visiting Simhachalam in Visakhapatnamcan reach as APTDC has arranged bus service directly from Annavaram to Simhachalam (up to hill top nearer to the temple).

By Road

Devasthanam Buses- 2 buses run from Rajhamndary to up hill both sides by 1pm to 2pm APSRTC Buses.

A.P.S.R.T.C Buses every Half An Hour Via Annavaram to Rajhamandry to Visakhapatanam vise versa.

Every 15 mintus buses available Tuni to Kakinada via Annavaram and surroundings Villages vise versa.

By Train

Most of the trains passing between Kolkatta – Vijayawada line will stop at Annavaram Station
Detailed train timings at Annavaram Station.


The nearest Airport is situated at Visakhapatnam. Annavaram is at a 3hrs distance from Visakhapatnam. APSRTC runs buses via Annavaram every half an hour Sri Swamy Vari Vratham

Temple Daily Schedule

Sri Swamy Vari Suprabhata Seva 3:30 AM
Swamy Vari Sarva Darshanam 6:00 AM to 12:30 PM
Rajabhoga Mahanivedana 12:30 PM to 1:00 PM
Swamy Vari Sarva Darshanam 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Swamy Vari Darbaru Seva 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Sri Ammavarla Ekanta Seva 8:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Temple Doors Close 9:00 PM to 3:30 AM

Sri Swamivari / Ammavari Sevas

Swamivari Nitya Kalyanam —9:30 AM
Swamivari Vratham 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Swamivari Special Vratham 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Vratham at Dwajasthambham 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Swamivari Visishta Vratham 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Kshethra Pattabhishekam on Punarvasu day One Day only
Sri Swamivari Pavalimpu seva 2:00 PM
Sri Swamivari Laksha Patri Pooja 8:00 AM
Sri Ammavari Laksha Kunkumarchana 8:00 AM
Abhishekam on Makha day One Day only

places to visit

In the Temple Complex

The temple sree veera venkata satyanaryana swamy in the main temple on the ratnagiri hill.
The temple Sri sita rama ,as keshatra palakulu

The shrines of vana durga and kanaka durga near by.Godess Vanadurga held in great venaration and devi is said to be seen even to this day in the nights going about the holy precincts perpetually guarding the lord.

The temple of gramadevatha (Village deity ) is in the village at the foot of the hill.

Sri Swamivari / Ammavari Sevas
S.No     Name of Seva     Cost in Rs.     Seva Time
1.    Sri Swamy Suprabatha Seva    Rs.116/-    03:30 AM
2.    Sri Swamivari Vratham    Rs.125/-    6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
3.    Sri Swamivari Special Vratham    Rs.200/-    6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
4.    Sri Swamivari Vratham at Dwajasthambham    Rs.500/-    6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
5.    Sri Swamivari Visishta Vratham    Rs.1,116/-    6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
6.    Sri Swamivari Nitya Kalyanam    Rs.750/-    9:30 AM
7.    Sri Swamivari Vratham After ‘Pooja’ prasadam send by post    Rs.150/-
8.    Sri Sitaramula (Kshethra Palakulu) Pattabhishekam on the lunar star day of Punarvasu in Sri Swamivari Temple    Rs.116/-    On Full Moon Day
9.    Sri Swamivari Pavalimpu seva    Rs.50/-    02:00PM
10.    Sri Swamivari Laksha Patri Pooja    Rs.2,500/-    08:00AM
11.    Sri Ammavari Laksha Kunkumarchana    Rs.2,500/-    08:00AM
12.    Sri Swamivari Abhishekam on the lunar star day of Makha    Rs.1,116/-    One Day Only

Accommodation to the Pilgrims

Devastanam administration has taken all measures for the pilgrims’ comfortable stay on the Ratnagiri. Visitors will be offered different kinds of accommodation ranging from Normal rooms to A.C Suits in various choultries and guest houses on the hill. For the convenience of the casual visitors Devastanam provided lockers to keep their luggage.                                               Advance reservation facility is available for all accommodations except Prakash Sadan. Reservation will be done by paying one day rent + 50% of additional amount for the guest house of their choice.

Rent per day(Rs.)

Sri Seetha Rama Satram


Sri Centinary Satram


Sri Kanaka Durga Satram


T.T.D Satram


Satya Niketan (Annavaram Town)


Satya Surya Satram


Guest-house Name

Rent per day (Rs.)

Sri Satyadeva Guest House


Donor Cottage


Eswar Lake View Guest House


Vinayaka Guest House(Full Suit)


Main Guest House

For VIPs

Paying Guest House


6 VIP Rooms(A/C)


T.T.D VIP Rooms


Prakash Sadan VIP Cottages

Ordinary Room


Corner Room


Special Room


A.C. Room


Double Room


Hall Name

Rent per day(Rs.)

Sri Seetha Rama Stage


Niruti Mandapam- Full


Advance reservation facility can be availed by sending D.D drawn in favour of  “Executive officer, Sri Satyanarayana Devasthanam, “ payable at Annavaram.  The DD can be sent to the following postal address.

Executive officer,

Sri Veera Venakata Satyanarayana Swamy Vari Devasthanam,

Annavaram – 533406. East Godavari Dist.

Andhra Pradesh. India

Note: The Reservation facility  is available for the above accommodation facilities. The reservation can be done for one day and the reservation charges include the Rent/Day + 50% of One day rent. Reservation facility is not available for Prakash Sadan cottages.

For any additional information please contact the following address.

Chief Reception Officer, Annavaram on

08868-238125, 238121, 238163

Postal Address & Contact Information:
The Executive Officer,
S.S.N.S Devasthanam,
Annavaram – 533406.
East Godavari Dist.,
Andhra Pradesh.

Phone : 08868-238121, 238125, 238163
Fax : 08868-238124
Email :

In the morning Nivedana Pulihora and Chakra Pongali will be distributed to the pilgrims. The devotees are offered the following Sri Swamy Vari Prasadam at the Prasadam counters.

1. Bhogam Prasadam      

Rs 5.00

2. Bangi Prasadam    

Rs 10.00

3. Maha Prasadam      

Rs10.00 & Rs25.00

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